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Nando was born in 1994, and in December 2014 was diagnosed with gliomatosis cerebri, a rare brain cancer that is highly aggressive and very resistant to treatment. Nando received a significant amount of radiation during his initial treatment and as a result sustained partial loss of vision in one of his eyes. Unfortunately, Nando’s tumor could not be fully operated on, and due to its aggressive nature he was placed on palliative care. Nando lives with his father and younger brother, and has a daughter in his native country that he has not been able to see since her birth. Nando’s mother and other siblings live in their native country. Both Nando and his father have been unable to work since his unexpected diagnosis, leaving his 18 year old brother as the only wage earner. As a result, the family’s financial stability decreased significantly. In March 2015 The Jillian Fund provided rental assistance to allow Nando and his family to spend as much time together as possible and create lasting memories for the family.

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